Just announced !
Tom As Garth - Holiday Edition
December 23rd in Pottsville, PA
Majestic Theatre at 7pm
Booking- tom@tomdavis.com or 570-573-2313
"Tom as Garth" takes the show to the Bally in Las Vegas for the IAFE Convention on November 28.
  • ...Twenty-eight years
  • ...5,500 performances in 12 states and Canada
  • ...Two Nashville produced country albums featuring some of the best songwriters and production in the business .....
Tom Davis is using his world class entertainment personality to take on an additional persona - in the form of one of country music's most legendary artist/performers, Garth Brooks.  In the next slides, Tom describes how it all came about ..
Why "Tom as Garth" ? For 25 years, folks have told Tom that he looks and entertains much like Garth.   "I'd often thought of doing a Garth tribute show, but only in passing.   I've been playing 250-300 dates per year since 1989 in a lucrative situation, and there was no need or desire to change career direction. " Now, after this 28 years of hard "work," the table has been set to allow extensive travelling to entertain nationally at fairs and festivals. The huge return of Garth Brooks music and touring led Tom to look into creating the specialty act in addition to his country format of performing his album songs and radio hits.  For research, he's traveled to several states to concerts, to watch and video Garth in action. This process is just as integral as having a resemblance and the talent... and people, let me tell you, if you haven't been to a Garth Brooks concert, you are missing out.  20,000 people treating 30 songs as though every one of them was their personal favorite.  It's been all the inspiration Davis needs to become the finest and most in demand Garth tribute in the nation.  
One man, One guitar Garth Brooks' four year residency show in Las Vegas plus much of his current concert show is just him with his guitar- and it is spectacularly beautiful in its interaction and intimacy.  This is the experience Tom As Garth wants to bring to your event. Don't be misled by the word intimate, though, as he uses his dynamic style, boundless energy, and uncanny resemblance to Garth to put forth a performance that even Garth would approve of. - No loops, no tracks, no vocal harmony machines. Whether on the big stage, small stage, side stage, entertainment tent or wherever, Tom brings along his 5000 gigs worth of experience to lend superior support to your event. In these days of increasingly tight budgets, booking a capable high end single act that can entertain large crowds or small crowds can save an event thousands of dollars, without sacrificing quality ......
To capture the aunthentic look, accessories include the Garth Brooks Signature Takamine guitar, the Garth Brooks designed Crown headset microphone, the genuine Stetson cowboy hat, the western long sleeve shirts (Mo Betta/Scully styles and the simpler solids and plaids that the current Garth Brooks wears), denim black or blue jeans, the belt buckles, the cowboy boots, and even the black and gold Phiten titanium rope necklace.... "Tom as Garth" plays well as a feature, or as a warmup to another show, with a standard set of 60 minutes (up to 90 minutes as a feature. Selections include Brooks' biggest hits and most well known songs, (90 minute show includes a few of Garth's personal favorites that he performs in concert.  "Tom as Garth" is also available as self-contained act (with P.A. and lights) for smaller staging areas or grounds show -  A long-time proven entertainer who brings it on with any sized crowd - and can give you a highly regarded act for less money than a full band.
In performing "Tom as Garth"- is also available in what Tom calls his "GarthTrax" format. "I've been creating backing tracks and drum parts since my first gigs of 1988 and consider myself one of the best at doing so. You won't hear fade out karaoke tracks or midi instruments that, as good as they can be, sound like..... computer instruments. The tracks are created or licensed by me, and edited to resemble the concert versions of Garth's songs." Some selections are done acoustically, as Garth does in concert, to facilitate crowd interaction, etc. The Garth Trax format is a great option for a less formal atmosphere where the use of tracks can generate the excitement of a band. Please refer to the video page to audition video of both the acoustic and the tracks formats. A typical set list- "Two Of A Kind", "If Tomorrow Never Comes", "Much Too Young (to feel this damn old)", "The Dance" , "Friends In Low Places", "Thunder Rolls",  "Rodeo", "Papa Loved Mama", "Beaches Of Cheyenne", "Two Pina Coladas", "To Make You Feel My Love", "Calling Baton Rouge", "Ain't Goin' Down 'til The Sun Comes Up", "The River", "That Summer", "Standing Outside The Fire", "More Than A Memory", "Shameless", "Wrapped Up In You", "Unanswered Prayers" and the most recent and loved "Mom" (which Garth presented acoustically on many TV programs as he readied for his latest tour.
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