For 25 years, folks have told Tom that he looks and entertains much like Garth.   “I’d often thought of doing a Garth tribute show, but only in passing.   I’ve been playing 250-300 dates per year since 1989 in a lucrative situation, and there was no need or desire to change career direction. ” Now, after this 28 years of hard “work,” the table has been set to allow extensive travelling to entertain nationally at fairs and festivals. The huge return of Garth Brooks music and touring led Tom to look into creating the specialty act in addition to his country format of performing his album songs and radio hits.  For research, he’s traveled to several states to concerts, to watch and video Garth in action. This process is just as integral as having a resemblance and the talent… and people, let me tell you, if you haven’t been to a Garth Brooks concert, you are missing out.  20,000 people treating 30  songs as though every one of them was their personal favorite.  It’s been all the inspiration Davis needs to become the finest and most in demand Garth tribute in the nation.
Though peaking on the local and regional level, with a couple of recent outstanding country CD releases, Tom has had little apprehension in adding “Tom as Garth” to his business model, and taking his talents to theatres, fairs and festivals circuits.

A one-man concert style presentation