Do you perform other music besides Garth Brooks?

For sure! Though this site is geared toward the Garth tribute, I also perform a variety country music show, including modern and classic country. In the appropriate setting, I can also perform songs from my two (soon to be three) country music albums, featuring many great songs from great songwriters and with great Nashville production. I can perform this format in addition to the Garth show in a daily mix of shows.

Can you perform on our stage and with what requirements?
Yes, I can use your stage or even perform on flat ground. The closer to the audience, the better, as the show is highly interactive. Two inputs (one each XLR and 1/4″) are needed for the one vocal one guitar format. A third 1/4″ is used if I perform to my custom realistic backing tracks. I prefer to bring my own mixer and mix from the stage area, in which case I would need only one XLR input.

Can you provide your own sound and lighting?
Absolutely! I have several sets of equipment for about any size area. What is needed can be discussed when providing you a quote. Some sort of seating is recommended, plus an A/C outlet must be nearby with enough amperage to carry the supplied systems.

How many members are in your band/act?

I am a one man show with assistance from my lovely wife, Sheryl whenever she can accompany me. She is a great asset to the show and is a wonderful representative for me and for the event in which I’m involved. Her travel expenses are not added to any fees or quotes.

What if you’re schedule indicates you aren’t available for our dates?

Please contact me! I provide entertainment on a full time basis to several establishments locally, with the understanding that I am committed to the fairs and festivals circuit.

What is your fee / cost

The fee is in line with the standard of a professional caliber entertainer. A capable single act musical entertainer can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your fair.

A one-man concert style presentation